TestWarez 2018 is Coming!


We are meeting at the largest conference in Poland dedicated to quality assurance for the 13th time, between 14th and 16th November 2018! It will be a perfect opportunity for yet another exchange of knowledge and professional experiences. We hope that you will return to your everyday work not only more integrated but also more motivated to broaden your horizons, especially more so as the theme of this year’s edition is “Raising the bar!”.

Would you like to boast about what you have achieved or have done in the last year? Would you like to share what new things you have learned? Or maybe, would you like to warn others against mistakes you have made? Bold statements and controversial topics are welcome!

Please apply via: to late SORRY!


  • Success stories of automation implementation
  • Selection of suitable test strategies
  • Practical approach, own implementation of: Shift Left, Scrum of Scrums, Lean, and DevOps
  • Everything related to mobile applications
  • Testing and auditing security of systems and applications
  • Test leadership/management
  • Blockchain
  • API testing, e.g. Consumer-driven Contract Based Testing (e.g. PACT)
  • Non-functional tests
  • Future of testing

If your topic does not match any of the above, just let us know! We will happily consider placing an interesting topic in the agenda.

Presentations in English will be favoured this year.


  • presentation – 45 min (including Q&A)
  • seminar – 90 min
  • workshop (short) – 240 min
  • workshop (long) – 480 min
  • discussion panel – 45 min

Each speaker can write an article, which we strongly encourage, based on their presentation, workshop, and in particular, panel. We would like you to provide such information when submitting presentations.


  • 19th April to 18th June 2018 – apply via Google Forms
  • until 31st July 2018 – receive information about acceptance / rejection / a request for proposal clarification.
  • until 1st November 2018 – submit the final version of the presentation / receive detailed agendas of workshops and panels.


  • By filling in the application form, you consent to processing your data (including your first name, surname, and email address) by organizers of the TestWarez 2018 conference for the purposes of conducting the conference.
  • If you have been accepted as a conference speaker, the registration fee and accommodation, at a hotel of the organizer’s choosing, will be covered by the organizer. Accommodation is usually located in the same place the conference is held at.
  • If you are not from Poland, please enquire with the conference organizers if it’s possible to have your travel expenses refunded.
  • By sending your complete presentation, you agree to share it according to the CC BY-NC-SA 4.0 licence ( Presentations will be recorded and published online after the conference.
  • Speakers also agree that Stowarzyszenie Jakości Systemów Informatycznych (SJSI) will also publish and use speakers’ photographs and documentation for the purposes of the event promotion and spreading the knowledge of software testing. Detailed principles concerning the use of the speaker’s image are specified in the agreement signed between the speaker and the conference organizer.

Hotel “Nosalowy Dwór”

Balzera 21d,
34-500 Zakopane